Vulnerable Road Users: from problem identification to pilot solutions

A national consortium of government and industry organisations wish to undertake iMOVE projects in relation to vulnerable road users (VRU). iMOVE and its partners in this initiative are looking for new technology applications that could improve the safety of VRUs, ultimately leading to saving lives and reducing injuries.

To submit a response, please download, complete and return the VRU Technology Solutions Response Form to email: by 5pm Monday 18 March 2019.

Proposals received by the deadline will be evaluated by the VRU Committee to shortlist candidates in late March 2019 for pitching.

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Vulnerable Road Users (VRU) — pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists — are over represented in severity of incidents, and with emerging vehicular technologies it is important to ensure they are not overlooked.

Following an iMOVE VRU national workshop in October 2018 attended by a variety of Australian government agencies, automotive clubs, insurance agencies, universities and industry, the following VRU issues were deemed as priority areas for possible projects:

  • 1: Pedestrian and vehicle interactions at intersections in urban environments
  • 2: VRU and vehicle interactions on footpaths and driveways
  • 3: Car and truck interactions with bicycles/motorcycles
  • 4: Heavy vehicle (e.g. freight, construction, buses) and pedestrian/cyclist interactions at destination start/end points (e.g. construction sites, pick up and drop off points)

There is a willingness from the parties involved in identifying these project areas to co-fund iMOVE project(s) in the form of discovering and piloting current and emerging technology solutions or research in response to these topics.

The projects are expected to take a national approach by looking at problems identified that are not jurisdiction or locality based, but rather have an Australia wide positive safety impact.

Interested parties are invited to propose solutions in any (one or more) of the project areas. Possible VRU solutions, can be submitted for consideration as either:

  1. Solutions requiring development prior to trial; or
  2. Solutions ready for direct deployment at trial

The project areas are intentionally broad to not narrow the field of potential solutions to a known technology or option. Likewise, the format of the solutions pitched is not restricted to a particular type of organisation, (for example; university or industry), or type of solution (for example; physical product or behaviour study).


The objective of this initiative is to pilot one (or more) solutions, co-funded by iMOVE and partners that:

  • Improves safety and movement of VRUs
  • Considers existing and emerging solutions available to assist VRUs, vehicles and smart infrastructure
  • Provide solutions related to one (or more) of the project areas, attending to the broad problem statements (refer to EOI Information document for full details)





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For any enquiries regarding this initiative, or to submit your completed VRU Technology Solutions Response Form, send the email to iMOVE.

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       Response form