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** iMOVE gets funded **

The federal government announced on Tuesday 7 March that the iMOVE CRC will be funded by $55 million over a ten year period.

“We are excited to finally receive the green light” said bid leader, Ian Christensen, “and we know that many participants in the CRC are eager to start their projects”.  Christensen said “we have plans to accelerate the CRC formation processes and hope to formally commence operations on the 1st July 2017″. “In the interim we will be meeting with our partners to get them started on their preparations so as to ensure a quick and effective start to our activities.”

We look forward to engaging with our partners in the exciting opportunities in transport and mobility technology in the months and years ahead.

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– iMOVE CRC Bid Team

(March 2017)

iMOVE CRC funding press release

In response to increasing community interest, we are establishing a co-operative research centre (CRC) to work with organisations and researchers on the development of intelligent transport systems in Australia. The centre will offer substantial improvements to the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of Australian industries and the economy.

Our high quality research performed through collaborative partnerships will focus on introducing rapidly evolving technologies in the areas of transport, logistics and connected mobility.

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The Opportunity

Over the next decade, vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure connectivity will provide a platform for the development of a smarter and more productive transport system in Australia and worldwide. Technology and applications are rapidly evolving presenting Australia with the opportunity to jump on board and be part of this development. We are experiencing a rapid interest for next-generation products based on higher levels of connectivity, bigger data and lower costs.

These next generation products, systems and services are based on higher levels of connectivity, greater data processing power and lower operating costs, which will enhance users’ travel experiences with richer, real-time data, and more predictive analysis. Progressive deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) technology will drive higher levels of productivity within the Australian transport system benefiting many aspects of the broader economy.

Benefits iMoveCRC will bring to Australia

South Australia started trialling ITS and autonomous vehicles in late 2015 and will become available to Australia’s transport sector over the next 10 to 20 years. The challenge is to rapidly and cost effectively capture the productivity benefits that will flow to technology leaders and early adopters. Australia has a rare opportunity to capitalise on existing intellectual assets and its experience in transport and mobility, to participate in the formation of the global ITS industry. Australia has the chance to join the ITS revolution at the formation of the wave of innovation and be positioned to supply high-value technology and intellectual property solutions to regional and global markets.

  • New products for growth markets
  • Increased productivity in the Australian transport sector
  • Reducing costs associated with transport and mobility

The Australian transport system comes with significant economic, social and environmental costs.

  • Vehicle crashes cause about 1,300 deaths and 32,500 hospitalisation injuries every year, costing $27 billion annually.
  • The cost of avoidable congestion in Australia is approximately $10 billion and expected to rise to $20.4 billion by 2020.
  • According to the ABS, a total of 6,909 million litres of fuel was consumed by rigid and articulated trucks in Australia in 2012. A small saving on fuel through route optimisation infrastructure timing and response to incidents will provide large savings to fleet owners and the economy through the reduction in congestion and engine running times.

Benefits iMoveCRC will bring to businesses

ITS can substantially improve the productivity of the Australian transport system, by providing sophisticated decision-making tools. These tools operate in real-time and are driven by massive data collection across the network. Productivity gains can be achieved through:

  • Better utilisation of transport assets (roads, vehicles and intermodal connections)
  • Efficient and adaptive route selection
  • More effective allocation and location of parking (particularly in CBDs of major cities)
  • More accurate timing of freight movements and delivery (better just-in-time delivery)
  • Better predictability and response to incidents and breakdowns
  • Delivery of new services to transport users (digital concierge)
  • Infrastructure to support multiple fuel types and hybrid power trains

The increasing connectivity possibilities that come from the application of ‘big data’ to the whole transport sector provides Australian industry with an opportunity to carve out new niches and participate in new growth markets. According to a study by Grand View Research, the global market for ITS is expected to reach approximately $50 billion by 2020, with a CAGR of 11.1%. Australia already has a small number of companies working in this market, with the potential for others to modify their product range to address emerging market opportunities. Australian businesses could capitalise on these opportunities through:

  • New and emerging companies (communications devices, control systems and intelligent algorithms)
  • Networks with growing Asian cities creates opportunities for tailored products and services
  • Maximising benefits from increased investment in local road infrastructure
  • Acceptance of intelligent and autonomous transport systems following the lead from South Australia

Benefits iMoveCRC will bring to people

Some of the benefits that people can enjoy from the advancements made with ITS include:

  • Reduction of travel times
  • Less accidents and therefore reduced insurance and liability costs
  • Less injury and medical expenses
  • Less deaths on the road
  • Reduced fuel use through fuel-efficient route selection
  • Better lifestyle due to less traffic congestion and reduced emissions
  • Connectivity with other devices and other drivers
  • Better and more effective response to traffic incidents (eg proactive re-routing)

Contact us
For more information about the intelligent transport revolution or to see how you can be involved or how your business can benefit, contact a member of the iMoveCRC bid team: Ian Christensen on +61 411 276 164 or Jeff Kasparian on +61 408 838 660.